Office partitioning is the creation of office work stations in a partly enclosed workplace, separated from neighboring work spaces by solid walls. We keep abreast of the every growing corporate world locally. Aluminum has become the main metal used in modern office and domestic portioning due to its quality finish, easier work and it saves time.

office-solutions-page-pic1Our extensive range of office partitioning products can be used to create stylish, modern and functional office interiors. Our products are specifically designed to suit all budgetary requirements whether seeking a low cost solution or a high and specification.

Importance of partitioning

  1. Partitioning creates order of seniority
  2. Partitioning isolates workers from sight and noise of an open space.
  3. Allows future expansion since it’s more flexible and cheaper to install than concrete walls.
  4. Provides privacy to employees

We will take full advantage of space for reasonable cost with office partitions created from the highest quality tempered glass. We will also improve the atmosphere and productivity with an assortment of frame finishes, designs and glass types.

Aluminum/Glass Partitions

We use aluminum with MDF boards and/or glass in partitioning, depending on the client’s requirements and use of office such as boardrooms, hospital wards, executive offices, open plan offices, wash rooms and many more.

Alternatively, gypsum boards, channels and stands are used in office partitioning.

They are used mainly where privacy is important, executive offices and sound is important, executive offices and sound proofing properties are necessary. It resembles actual solid walls after installation

False Ceilings with LED Lighting

Javvagreen production range for modular false ceiling includes a full set of profiles and accessories suitable for installation of indoor false ceilings, supporting panels of various types and size.

Toilet cubicles, changing cubicles or shower cubicles Installations

All our toilet are straight forward to install for any competent tradesman. However, for those in need of a full supply and installation service we can help. System options include toilet cubicles/partitions, IPS (Integrated plumbing system) dust paneling, vanity units, light pelmets etc. A full wood effect color range is available.

Work stations for office layouts and simplicity

Office Furniture (For classy executive offices)

We offer you tailor cut executive furniture and give you a variety to choose from to suit your needs.