Javvagreen tunnels were specifically conceived to deliver continuity of Grade 1 produce to the end consumer. It is composed of one or more modules with a series of arches made of galvanized cylindrical tubes, which do not require concrete footings, enabling transfer and easy installation. Its shaped allows accommodating a larger volume of air inside and provides resistance to rain.

Javva green’s tunnel series is extremely simple to install and economically priced.  Economical, adequate light transmission and quality parts are just a few reasons as to why you should order for our Tunnels today.

Standard dimensions:

The standard dimensions of this type of greenhouse are:

  • Width: 8- 9.60 m.
  • Height to peak: 4 – 5 m.
  • Distance between arches: 2,50 m. (externas).
  • Racks perimeter reinforcement.

Advantages of JavvaGreen’s Poly Tunnels:

  • High production and performance of the crop.
  • More efficient use of inputs in irrigation, fertigation and hydroponics.
  • Pests, weeds and diseases control.
  • Designed for the development of all kind of crops.
  • Adaptable to every weather condition.
  • Ensures the development of plants through the year.
  • Cheap solution for small crops.
  • Easy installation and greenhouses maintenance.
  • Better selling prices and investment recovery.